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Silks Yoga

Wednesday 5:45pm

Friday 4:30pm

About the Class

Silks yoga uses lightweight material to help you balance and flow into your yoga practice. Combining deep stretching and slow flow, this is a great way to aid in transitions and balancing with more stability and ease. Postures are designed for a safe practice to help release tension, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility and balance.

To ensure safe and effective participation in our silks yoga class participants must posses strong upper body and core muscles, no past shoulder injuries, and feel confident doing poses while minimizing the risk of injury. Silks yoga utilizes heat to allow the body to relax and stretch further.
This class is heated 80-90 degrees.

If you are new to this class, please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to fill out a silks waiver form.

Your Instructor

Dani G


Dani G

45 minutes


80-90 degrees

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