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Coyopa Yoga

Thursday 5:45pm

About the Class

Coyopa Yoga is a high intensity class that utilizes straps (similar to TRX) to elevate your yoga practice. Physically and emotionally challenging, this class focuses on developing strength, balance, and core stability. Coyopa. or "lightening of the blood" is the equivalent of "chi" in the Mayan language. Some people also associate it with "kundalini" and the "awakening of the serpent".

To ensure safe and effective participation in our Coyopa yoga class participants must posses strong upper body and core muscles, no past shoulder injuries, and feel confident doing poses while minimizing the risk of injury.

If you are new to this class, please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to fill out a waiver form.

Your Instructor

Luiz M


Luiz M

60 minutes


90-100 degrees

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