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Mota Thai Yoga is inspired by a vision of a community of students participating in yoga, martial arts, and personal training. A fusion of yoga, martial arts, pilates, and ballet, MTY is a place where people can quiet their minds and build a strong practice, while exploring the finer aspects of meditation.  It is a safe haven to receive holistic guidance and treatment for life's discomforts.  

​MTY offers various styles of yoga, thai yoga, massage, individual and group sessions for all levels.  Come to a class and start your yoga journey with us.  Your first class is FREE!

​Mota Thai Yoga is an authorized RYS 200 and RYS 300 through Yoga Alliance.  We offer teacher training programs for 200 and 500 RYT.  All of our teachers are certified in CPR/AED/First Aid through the Red Cross.

Mota Thai Yoga is located in downtown Ann Arbor.  There is free parking offered in our lot. 


When entering the studio, you will immediately notice that it is unlike other studios.  Housed in an old ice house, it is a part of Ann Arbor history, and is perfect for holding in the heat for yoga classes.

Hot Yoga with Luiz

MTY is a low-lighted studio.  The light comes from our Himalayan salt lamps, colored lights, and candles.  With the low-lighting, your eyes may need a moment to adjust when you enter the studio.  By the time you leave, it won’t seem as dark.  It is amazing how quickly your eyes can adjust to your surroundings.  

Low lighting has many benefits.  It allows you to look inward, without feeling pressure to compete against the people around you.  When your sight is less predominant, your other senses are heightened.  Your body will be able to focus more on your other senses (such as hearing, smell, and touch).  You will gain more awareness of your breath.  Eventually the low lighting helps you learn to let go of things you cannot control.  In darker rooms, the body produces more melatonin.  You may notice that you feel very relaxed by the time yoga class is finished.

Yoga classes at MTY are tailored to the students in class.  The more you come to class, the more we will get to know what your body needs.  Many students at MTY are also clients of Luiz.  (For more information about Luiz’s thai massage, thai yoga, individual, and small group sessions, email us here.)

Mota Thai Yoga classes combine hatha and vinyasa yoga with ballet, pilates, and martial arts to increase neuromuscular efficiency, body posture, balance, strength, and power.  There is also a large focus on the anatomy of the body.  Our goal is injury prevention and rehabilitation.  If you come to us with injuries, we will work on safely strengthening and helping you recover. 

Classes are heated at the studio.  Hot Yoga classes are heated up to 90-100 degrees.  Our other yoga classes are heated between to 80-90 degrees, depending on the class.  (See our class descriptions for more information.)

Questions?  Send an email to, or come to the studio to try a yoga class.  Your first class is FREE!

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